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If you are interested in immigrating to Panama, our Firm provides legal assistance in immigration matters, including the preparation and processing of applications for foreigners wishing to become residents of the Republic of Panama as investors or pensioners.

If you are planning to relocate to Panama temporarily or emigrate permanently, then you may wish to browse through the information we have provided. Our attorneys also work with executives or employees of international companies that require work permits. We have structured the information provided under the following categories:

  • Tourists
  • Passing Through
  • Inmigrants
  • Visas non-inmigrants
  • Bringing your Pet
  • Getting organized

For those clients that simply wish to move to Panama or live in Panama as residents with the least amount of hassle and paperwork, we usually recommend the pensioner visa. However, this is not the only alternative for residency in Panama, and is obviously only available to those persons who receive pensions or social security payments.

There are numerous immigration and visa options, with a variety of programs. We suggest you look through the various sections to get an idea of which program will best suit your needs, resources and goals. Permanent residency can be obtained both as an immigrant as well as with a Visa (for non-immigrants). Please see the description of the options which follows further down this page.

We also advise and assist with applications for naturalisation leading to Panamanian citizenship, including the availability of residency through reforestation projects. Panamanian passports may be obtained after naturalisation.

Decree Law 16 (1960) – which we shall refer to as The Immigration Act (1960) – regulates immigration and the status of foreigners in Panama.
Under this law, its amendments and regulations, foreigners who enter Panama can be classified as:

  • Tourists
  • Persons passing through
  • Travelers in Transit or travelers in Direct Transit
  • Temporary visitors (visas) and;
  • Immigrants (Immigration Programmes)

More information about Inmigration and Visas