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The choosing of an Attorney should not be based solely in the information contained in this Website.
1. SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES: This Website is managed by SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES (“SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES”), a company validly organized in Panama, engaged in providing legal services. This Website contains general information about SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES. In this Website, SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES does not provide any type of service. The only and sole purpose of the materials, contents, information and opinions included in this Website is informative. The attorneys-at-law of SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES are not authorized to practice law in different jurisdictions other than by the corresponding agencies and organizations that have authorized them in that respect. The site in which you can contact SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES is as follows: www.shirleylaw.com. The purpose of this Website is not for publicizing the legal services of SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES.
2. Agreement of use of the Website. The downloading of this Website indicates that you have committed yourself to accept and comply with these TERMS AND CONDITIONS. If you disagree with these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, do not access this Website, refrain yourself from making use of the Website and its Contents, and immediately close the Website. Please bear in mind that your right to download or access this Website could be cancelled at any time by SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES without prior notice or justification whatsoever.
3. Electronic transmission of information. Should you decide to contact SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES through this Website, please bear in mind that the electronic transmission of information through global networks of communication may not be safe, and therefore, there is no guarantee about the reservation, confidentiality or safety of your information. Whether you are a client or not of SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES, we appreciate that you refrain from transmitting information that is subject to reservation, confidentiality or secrecy thereof, nor can guarantee that such information will be treated under the professional secrecy between attorney and client. Neither can SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES ensure the integrity of the return of the information that you send us through this Website. Please do not send us personal, secret, confidential or reserved information through these electronic or physical means, save SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES have so expressly authorized it in writing. Likewise, refrain from sending SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES not wanted information, chain letters or any other that may be classified as spam. In so doing it will entail the violation of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
4. These TERMS AND CONDITIONS may change. SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES reserves itself the right to modify, change or terminate these TERMS AND CONDITIONS at any time and at its entire discretion, with the need to previously notify you. SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES advises you that it is your duty to regularly visit this page to have knowledge of the changes. In the event of termination of these TERMS AND CONDITION, you will not be authorized to access the Website. Notwithstanding, the restrictions which you gave your approval with respect to the information contained in this Website, the limitations of responsibilities, indemnities and other concessions, shall survive the termination of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Furthermore, SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES reserves itself the right to terminate the Website or any portion thereto, at any time, at its entire discretion, and without the need to personally notify you.
5. Property rights, intellectual property rights, trademarks and registers. It is forbidden the modification, reproduction, publication or transfer of any Contents to third parties, or its use for any purpose. Except to the extent that the law in force and effect allows it, its forbidden to disassemble, de-compile, apply reverse engineering or try by any means to break the protection of the contents. All contents, elements and information of this Website, including every text, format, images, music, trademarks, logos, ensigns, trade names, graphic sounds, videos, animation and other materials of this Website (the “Contents”) are the property of SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES, its appropriate subsidiaries and affiliates and holding companies, and those of third party contractors, licensors or assignors. Some of the Contents are protected by copyright laws and of registered trademarks. Any unauthorized use of the Website Contents that violates the copyrights and intellectual property of SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES or those of third parties could implicate taking appropriate legal actions by the incumbents of the rights. The access or use of this will not imply in any manner whatsoever, the granting or denial of any license, concession or right of usage on any of the trademarks, names, logos, designs or Contents protected by the intellectual property right of SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES or of any third party, as appropriate. It is not permitted the creation of Web pages, Internet Website, electronic documents or computer software or technological applications of any type that contain hyper-links or trademarks that redirect the visitor to any Contents of this Website.
6. License for the use of the Website. Save for the indicated license in this section, it is forbidden the modification, reproduction, decoding, des-encryption, dismantling, reverse engineering application, publication, hyper-linking, transfer to other persons, or in any other manner the alteration or disclosure of the Contents and the information contained in this Website without prior written permission from SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES. SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES grants you a limited license, non-exclusive and revocable to access, observe, print and download any Contents from this Website and when it is for the satisfaction of a personal information interest. This license does not include the authorization for publication, distribution, assignment, sub-licensing, transfer, editing, sale, development of derivate works or any other use that is not strictly geared towards the need for personal information. In all event the Contents and the information contained in this Website, in whole or in part, whether graphic or documentary, may not be reproduced in any way or incorporated into another document, media, set of data that subsequently could be recovered after its registration, electronically,, mechanical, optic or otherwise, save that its purpose is the satisfaction of personal interests herein authorized.
7. Non-interference with the Website. It is forbidden any act, including the use of hardware and software which objective is or as a consequence to damage, the interference, the affectation of the integrity, or interception of the support systems of this Website, its operation or its Contents. The act that imposes unreasonable or disproportionate burdens on the systems of the network of the Website or any other infrastructure of the network that uses the Website is forbidden.
8. Links to third parties Website. Please, bear in mind that several of the Website interlocked or linked to the Website are not operated, controlled or managed by SHIRLELY & ASSOCIATES, and SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES is not liable for the availability, contents, policies, methods, safety and goods and services enunciated or promoted in such Websites, including its privacy policies and TERMS AND CONDITIONS of use. Any link or interlock that is made in the Website or that of third parties Websites does not constitute sponsorship, aid, protection, defense, guaranty, tutelage, endorsement or backing by SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES about the contents, policies, information, services or methods of such Website. The access and use that you make of third parties Websites interlocked or linked to the Website, you do it at your own risk.
9. Information and contents of third parties. The Website can reproduce or contain information originating from third parties that do not work for, nor are linked in any way to SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES. SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES is not in the position to verify the accuracy of such information. SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES does not guarantee the accuracy and certainty of such information and contents. SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES guarantees you that all the information and contents of third parties that have been uploaded to or included in the Website has been previously and validly granted under lice the third party incumbents of the moral and patrimonial rights on it, and that SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES, with respect to such data and contents, is not in violation of any rights of third parties.
10. Advertising and access to third parties services. You understand and accept that any communication, negotiations, agreements or pre-agreements, participation in promotions, and any other type of interaction that you carry out directly with third parties through the Website, including any type of payment or agreement on goods and services, and any other term, condition, guarantee or declaration associated with products and services of third parties, constitutes an existing agreement exclusively between you and such third party, without SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES having any type of participation, responsibility or interference in said interaction.
11. Remarks from the user. You may forward your remarks and any other contents to SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES, including ideas, suggestions or concerns about the Website or the information including thereto, provided such information is not illegal, false, damaging, hostile, abusive, annoying, problematic, threatening, tortuous, slanderous, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, groundless, and in violation of intellectual property rights, injurious, hateful or damaging, or in respect of which you do not have he due legal or contractual authorizations, or that contains some kind of computer virus, or consists of mass mail, political campaigns, publicity, or any other form of spam. The delivery of any contents (including personal information) to SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES means that you have granted SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES a non-exclusive license to publish, edit, reproduce, modify, reorganize, translate, adapt, create works derived from, transfer to third parties, sub-license or otherwise disclose worldwide the information that you have forwarded, through the Website or any other media, prior the fulfillment of the norms of intellectual property as applicable, and without the need to notify you about the use of such information, nor requiring prior permissions, authorizations or consents in writing from you. This license include the right of SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES, its affiliates, assignors and licensees, at its entire discretion, to use and transfer among itself the name that you have remitted with the contents with the contents or information that you have forwarded. This license and authorization shall be understood as the granting of your consent for the use of your personal information, pursuant with the laws, backgrounds and regulations applicable in the matter of data and privacy protection.
12. No declarations or guarantees. SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES, its affiliates, employees, directors, agents, officers, distributors, marketers, sponsors or licensors, do not grant any guarantee, neither explicit or implicit, in connection with this Website and all of its Contents, which is furnished to you “AS IS” and WITH ALL ITS FAILURES originating from the source. Any information, originated by SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES or by any third party, that you obtain through this Website does not have nor shall generate any guarantee by SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES. SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES, its affiliates, employees, directors, agents, officers, distributors, marketers, sponsors or licensors, do not grant any guarantee, whether explicit nor implicit, in connection with the information contained in the Website. SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES, its affiliates, employees, directors, agents, officers, distributors, marketers, sponsors or licensors, do not grant any guarantee, neither explicit or implicit, in connection with the materials or contents that you transmit to SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES through this Website, whether the same are or are not subject to reservation, confidentiality or secrecy. Each and any explicit or implicit guarantees are rejected and denied, especially, but without limiting itself to those about commercialization and commerciality of the information contained in the Website and of the Site, about the quality or qualification of the information of this Website and the Contents, about the non-infringement or the adequacy or qualification for a specific or particular purpose, the accuracy and integrity of the Contents and the information, the outcome obtained from the use of the Website, the Contents or the information contained in the Website, the safety of the networks, the quality of the Contents and the information contained in the Website, the contractual, pre-contractual and extra-contractual relations that you maintain with third parties through the Website, the absence of computer virus, firewalls, the safety of the technical elements or components used in the access to the Website or on which the Website is based upon, compliance guarantees, and the absence of errors. The user of the Website shall be solely responsible for the operation, performance and safety of the networks (including WAN, LAN and wireless) and the computers upon which and on which the Website is accessed. The user of the Website acknowledges that the Website may not be available due to a number of factors, including but not limited to causes of force majeure, unauthorized access, computer virus, and denial of service or other circumstances, failures of the technical server, failure in the communications infrastructure or discontinuance. SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES expressly waives to any explicit or implicit guarantee concerning the use of the Website and/or the availability, accessibility, safety, performance, or operation without mistakes thereof. SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES denies and rejects any guarantee about the corrections of the defects that the Website and its Contents may have, or about the non-existence of detrimental or harmful technical or technological components.
13. Applicable Law. These TERMS AND CONDITIONS shall be exclusively construed and executed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Panama, without prejudice of the dispositions about conflict of laws of any country.
14. Modifications. No section of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS may be unilaterally modified, suppressed or added by the user of the Website.
15. Applicability. If any section or part of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS cannot be applied or results invalid, in whole or in part, under any law, or be sentenced as such by a court decision, said part shall be construed in accordance with the applicable law and its lack of applicability or invalidity shall not make these TERMS AND CONDITIONS in general and the remaining provisions or portions thereof to be unenforceable or invalid or ineffective in its entirety, and in such event, said provisions shall be changed and construed in such a manner so as to achieve, in the best possible manner, the objectives of such unenforceable or invalid provisions, within the limits of the applicable law or the applicable determinations of the court.
16. Integrity: These TERMS AND CONDITIONS constitute the only terms between SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES and you. The acceptance of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS derogates any prior or contemporary agreement, pact, declaration, understanding and guarantee with respect to this Website, the Contents, the information contained in this Website, and the objective of these Terms of Use. In case of any conflict between these TERMS AND CONDITIONS and any agreement or oral understanding, written or prior, these TERMS AND CONDITONS shall prevail.
17. Without waiver: The non-applicability by SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES of some of the conditions, terms and rights included in these TERMS AND CONDITIONS shall not be construed as a withdrawal or waiver of the right of SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES to hereinafter enforce or execute said provisions.
18. Last update: These TERMS AND CONDITIONS were updated for the last time in September 2016. We remind you that when you access and make use of the Website, including each and any of the Website of SHIRLEY & ASSOCIATES, it is our understanding that you freely commit yourself to the compliance of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS.