Incorporation of Companies

We represent clients in corporate and commercial matters. Our attorneys tailor their advice to the needs and expectations of the customer, whether in individual or corporate level. These recommendations take into account local or international nature of the transaction. If it refers to a contractual matter routine, or more complicated issues of corporate finance, sales of corporate assets, or merge with or acquire another company, our team of professionals ensures that clients receive timely and effective care.

The corporate department has experience in all aspects of corporate law, from negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts (including terms of sale, and contract manufacturing and distribution, such as Joint Venture agreements) to merger and acquisition contracts, and structuring corporate (or amalgamation, capital structure and liquidation of companies). We can advise on all aspects of company law, including all types of societies, values and laws on financial reporting.
The commercial nature of this business requires specialized lawyers in the field, who understand the business of each company.

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