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Real Estate

Buying a property shall be a simple process without further complications. Shirley & Associates is an attorney firm that can help you in all the process related to the purchase or maintenance of properties. In these transactions it is important to know the property, the seller(s), the buyer(s) and the facilitator agents, who are the real estate brokers. The article Advice to the Suspicious has useful information easy to understand for the buyer who wants to know about the steps to follow when buying a property registered in the Public Registry of the Republic of Panama.

There are details in this topic that should be known and that only your trustworthy lawyer can explain with the purpose of protecting your interests. In this brief article addressed to our clients and for every visitor of our web site, we have also explained the topic of taxes to be paid, the necessary documents, land categories and why you need a lawyer representing the interests of whoever is going to sell or buy a estate. For anyone who wishes to manage their property wisely, this document will be useful as well as the experience of our firm in these issues.