Incorporation of a Panamanian Company


1. Allowed to be constituted and registered without the client trip to Panama.
2. The Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Incorporation of the Company contains objects that allow extensive development of any activity provided that it is lawful.
3. Directors / dignitaries (President, Secretary, Treasurer) may be nationals or foreigners. If they are foreigners, there is no need to move to Panama to mainstream society. The minimum Directors required by law is 3 individuals.
4. It is not necessary to pre-pay the capital of the Company. Our Companies Act allows that they be incorporated with an authorized capital either in dollars or in shares with no par value (usually 500 shares without nominal value), and in both cases it requires no embodies amount.
5. Shares of the company may be issued in registered or bearer form, or a combination of both.
6. Panamanian corporations can be used either for operations outside the territory of Panama (offshore company) or to perform operations within Panamanian territory.
7. The income received by the Panamanian corporations commercial activities being undertaken or have effects outside Panamanian territory (offshore company) are not subject to taxes or to file any statement or annual report.

Enclosed you will find our form to request the Creation of a Panamanian corporation, which contains the information and documents required for this purpose.

Period of Register
The estimated time of incorporation and registration is three (3) working days from receipt of the fees and expenses.

Recommendation and additional comments
We recommend that once the company is registered in the Public Registry was granted a Power of Attorney to Shareholders or ultimate beneficiaries of the same. Such power shall include power management and disposal of property, is granted by public deed and legalized with Apostille, so it can be presented and practiced anywhere in the world. Our costs and fees for a notarized Power of Attorney legalized with Apostille.
The names of the shareholders in a Panamanian corporation need not be reflected in the Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Incorporation. This information is kept very confidential in the record that lies in our firm as resident agent of society. The document proving the ownership title or society is the Share Certificate, which usually is issued once the Company is registered.
Upon registration of the society can assist you to apply for opening a bank account with it.

Please contact us by email or fax regarding the prices and any other information you require.
Alternatively, you may request a list of the shelf corporations that we have available in BVI or Panama.